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New Songs TRyout

Posted on May 28 2018

Hola amigos! I know we said we weren't going to play (m)any shows this year. But we couldn't resist ;-)
We're playing one show in BRUGES to celebrate the summer and play a bunch of new songs for the first time!
We also invited The Rocket to come along. If you don't know these guys yet, check them out! Their new album has been our "roadtrip disc" lately!
We're seriously stoked for this one and hope to see many of our favorite faces :-) But there's only a limited amount of (cheap) tickets for this one, so if you want to be in, act quick.
See you there!

New Site, New Album, New Liver?

Posted on Apr 28 2018

Wondering why everything is looking so shiny, colorful and not black?
That’s because it’s a different site! That’s right, Our awesome friend Arend made it for us based on the cover of our previous album. Wait, that’s technically our newest album… Shit, I guess I spoiled it (or maybe it was the title).

The reason these past months have been so quiet is because we’re MAKING A NEW ONE, and we’re super stoked about it. If you want us to keep you updated about it, check out this website or our Facebook Page.
Hope to see you soon at one of our gigs!





Date Location Venue
Mar 09 2019 SINT antonius JH JOeniz
Apr 19 2019 Zoersel JH ZOEZEL
Apr 20 2019 Brugge Howest
May 03 2019 Brugge JH comma
May 04 2019 Beerse JH korridor
May 11 2019 brugge De Vetten os
Jun 09 2019 Sijsele Statierock
Jul 06 2019 Brugge ARTificial
Aug 25 2019 Roeselare de verlichte geest
Sep 07 2019 GISTEL IN UZN' OF